Today’s spot price for gold: 1577.62 USD/1 oz

Have coins to exchange?

With Spot4Coins, you can exchange your gold coins into cash at highly competitive rates.

Most gold dealers pay a few percent below spot price for the coins they buy. We pay exactly spot price for undemaged gold coins (quality MS66 or higher). For demaged coins (quality MS65 or lower) we pay spot -4%.

Example: You sell 8 gold coins. The value of gold, according to Kitco, is $10000.
Our competitors pay $9700. We pay full value of $10000. You save $300.
It’s worth it!

Precious metals buyer you can trust

We are Spot4Coins – a reliable and fast precious metals dealer. We buy gold, we buy silver, we buy… well, anything that involves precious metals! We can even bring value back to your old jewelry! Have you already written an obituary for all these old items clinging and clanging about? Let us breathe life back into them!

Check out the current gold spot price in the “Current Gold Buying Prices” tab, here. You will be able to see the current price of gold per gram, the amount we pay for a gram of a 999 gold coin and the amounts we pay for other forms of gold as well as silver and platinum.

How it works

Fill out the form above, and we’ll send you a secure, prepaid envelope for coins. Place your coins in the clear pouch and closed it. Fill out the right side of the form (included) and keep the left side.
Send it to us at your local post office.  Remember to request a receipt with a tracking number.
We’ll evaluate your gold coins based on the table below and send you a check within 24 hours.
You can ship the bills directly to our address. Download the form from the website.

Current purchase prices

Update 2020-03-12 16:11:04

Image Name Weight Price USD
sell China Panda 30g China Panda 30g 0.9646 oz 1522
sell Mexico Gold 50 Pesos Mexico Gold 50 Pesos 1.2057 oz 1902
sell Mexico Gold 20 Pesos Mexico Gold 20 Pesos 0.4824 oz 761
Austria Gold 10 Corona Austria Gold 10 Corona 0.098 oz 155
Austria Gold 20 Corona Austria Gold 20 Corona 0.1962 oz 310
Austria Gold 100 Corona Austria Gold 100 Corona 0.9805 oz 1547
sell France Gold 20 Franc France Gold 20 Franc 0.1867 oz 295
sell Swiss Gold 20 Franc Swiss Gold 20 Franc 0.1867 oz 295
sell Russia 5 Rouble Russia 5 Rouble 0.1244 oz 196
sell Russia 10 Rouble Russia 10 Rouble 0.2489 oz 393
sell Germany 10 Mark Germany 10 Mark 0.1152 oz 182
sell Germany 20 Mark Germany 20 Mark 0.2306 oz 364
sell Austrohungary Ducat Austrohungary Ducat 0.1106 oz 174
sell Austrohungary 4 Ducat Austrohungary 4 Ducat 0.4429 oz 699
sell South Africa 2 Rand South Africa 2 Rand 0.2353 oz 371
sell British Sovereign British Sovereign 0.2353 oz 371
sell Poland 100 Zlotych Poland 100 Zlotych 0.2315 oz 365
sell Poland 200 Zlotych Poland 200 Zlotych 0.4486 oz 708
Image Name Weight Price USD
Gold bar 100 gram Gold bar 100 gram 2.95 oz 4654
Gold bar 50 gram Gold bar 50 gram 1.479 oz 2333
Gold bar 1 oz Gold bar 1 oz 0.95 oz 1499
Gold bar 10 gram Gold bar 10 gram 0.3 oz 473
Gold bar 1 gram Gold bar 1 gram 0.03 oz 47

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The current purchase prices of gold and silver coins can be found in the price list at the top.


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We buy jewelry in every form, but please remember that stones and other non-metallic elements must be removed.


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We specialize in coins which other exchange offices and precious metals dealers only take as scrap metal. We purchase gold and silver in any form.


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See the changes and trends in prices of gold over the past few months on our gold price chart.

What is a spot price?

It is the current price of a certain asset, gold or other precious metals in our case. While usually prices range depending on place (for example, the same burger would have a different price in England and in Thailand), the spot price is, in most of the cases, universal worldwide.

What does that mean to you?

Usually, gold dealers charge a small transaction fee, which is deducted from the spot price of gold. We’re saying ‘small’, but let’s suppose you have several thousands of dollars worth of gold coins. The fee increases and so does your loss! At Spot4Coins you can avoid any additional costs. We will pay you the spot price for undamaged gold coins. That is, quality MS65 or lower. For damaged coins, we offer the spot price -4%.

How to sell gold coins or other precious metals with us?

First of all, go to the form at the top of the page and fill it out. We will send you a prepaid envelope containing a form. Fill out the right side of the form – leave the left one. Place your coins in a clear pouch, seal it and put it into the envelope we provided you with. Make sure to include the filled out form!

Go to your nearest post office and send it to us. Make sure to ask for a tracking number and a receipt!

Once we receive your envelope, we will evaluate the coins and send you a check within 24 hours. Our evaluation will be based on the table you can find above on this page. If you don’t agree with the amount of money on the check, notify us and we will send you your coins back within 10 days from the date we receive your notification.

If you’ve gotten a better offer from a different gold dealer, let us know! We will pay you 110% of what they offered! This is our Price-Match Guarantee.

Using our service, you can safely sell your gold coins, silver, platinum and money that would otherwise probably just lay around your house. Trust us and join hundreds of satisfied customers!