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When you should consider selling your gold for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

In a debate between gold and Bitcoin, there’s no clear winner. Each of these is meant for different purposes, and while you can endlessly draw comparisons, it’s better to start thinking on ways to leverage their strong sides to your benefit. An intrinsic characteristic of gold is its value. It has retained it for centuries and is likely to continue

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Old currencies: can you still use them and how to handle your leftovers?

To give you a quick answer to the first question we asked in the title of this article: no, you cannot use old money. They are no longer legal tenders in the countries that issued them, having been replaced by the new money. That, however, doesn’t mean you should start using them as fuel for your chimney or, in case

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How to sell unwanted gold for the best price? Tips on getting money for gold!

There always comes a time when gold owners want to get rid of their precious metals. Sometimes you just need the cash. Whether it’s for an an emergency payment – a broken car or a medical expenditure, your kid needing some help with college fees, or you want to just treat yourself to something nice (you deserve it!), gold is

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Is it a good time to sell gold? When to sell gold and should you do so?

Gold has only as much value as they money you can get from it. But with prices going up and down endlessly, is it a good time to sell gold? If not, when will it come? And finally, should you actually sell your gold? We are answering these and more questions in this article!   First of all – what

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How much is my coin worth? How to assess a coin value by yourself – best tips

So many of us have some coins stashed away in cupboards and wardrobes. They always make a *cling* sound whenever you look for something and move that little box you store them in. Kind of annoying and pretty heavy, but you never got rid of it. It just sits there gathering dust. What if we told you that it might

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Price of Gold Sovereigns to sell: how much is it worth and how to get the most value?

Chances are that if you own coins, some of them are Gold Sovereigns. This widely popular British coin has been minted since 1817 and quickly became one of the most popular coins to store gold in, a status it enjoys until today. In this article, we will answer the many questions a Gold Sovereign owner might have: how much is

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How much does it cost to get a coin graded and what does the price depend on?

So you’ve come into possession of a coin. It’s not your typical quarter though – it’s different, one-of-a-kind. Its shin reflects years of history and the long journey it went through before ending up in your collection. But can you pay your gas bill with it? Or get yourself a bag of chips at the store? Well, forget about that.

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How much is a Gold Sovereign worth today? Value and prices explained

The secret of the gold sovereign hides behind centuries of history: the golden sovereign has the heritage of a great nation and the size of the greatest empire in the world. These pieces have been produced in many parts of the world, often travelling around the world and representing the crown. They were the seal of the main commercial power

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How to clean old coins without devaluing them and should you even clean old coins before selling? Best ways!

Collecting coins is one of the oldest hobbies in the world. A lot of people find joy in it. Some do it for future sake, while some others just do it for the fun of it. Coins can sometimes be kept as treasures because sometimes their value appreciates with time. This is more particular to coins that were minted using

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How to sell a coin collection and get an honest appraisal?

If you are a coin enthusiast, the chances are that you have a few old coins or some rare coins stashed away somewhere and you would love to know how much they are worth or how much money you can exchange them for. On the other hand, numismatics may not be your hobby; however, you have inherited some your grandfather.

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