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Let’s play a game of ‘match a country with an animal’. Round 1 – the United States!

What’s that? An eagle? Correct! There is probably no animal that’s more relatable to the American dream of freedom and power than a majestic eagle. It is not surprising that it ended up on the reverse of an American Eagle coin.

The design of the Gold American Eagle is fascinating and often regarded as one of the most beautiful among coins. It is based on the American Gold coins from 1907 – a trip down the history lane for sure! The obverse features Lady Liberty with an olive branch and a torch, walking on sun rays. The averse shows a bald eagle about to land in a nest where his offspring awaits. A truly mesmerizing and even more truly American one.

The Gold American Eagle coin was introduced as a bullion in 1986 and it has been popular as a vehicle for gold ownership ever since. It is made with 91.67% of 22-carat gold, 3% silver and 5.33% copper. Alloying these three metals creates a very durable coin, able to withstand wear and scratches.

American Eagle is made in four different versions: 1/10 troy oz, ¼ troy oz, ½ troy oz and 1 troy oz. The 1 oz Gold American Eagle has a diameter of 32.70 mm and a thickness of 2.87 mm. American Eagles are also minted as proof and uncirculated coins.


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