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The Austrian Gold Corona is probably one of the bullion coins with the longest history. It has been originally minted between 1908 and 1914 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Franz Joseph I’s rule. In the 1970s, it was one of the most popular vehicles for gold ownership. Contemporary Austrian Gold Coronas are re-strikes, which means they are official re-minting of coins no longer in production. This is why they are dated with the year 1915. The Austrian Mint decided to issue the re-strikes because of rising popularity of private gold ownership in the 1970s with bullions such as Krugerrand or Peso selling by tens of thousands of copies. Austrian Gold Corona is often referred to as the Austrian 100 Gold Corona. That’s because the most popular bullion from the Austrian Mint, the 1 oz version has a face value of 100 coronas.

The obverse of the Austrian 100 Gold Corona shows the profile of Franz Joseph I. The reverse depicts the Austrian symbol – a double-headed eagle bearing a coat of arms and holding a sword and the globus cruciger. It’s a very unique design. Upon a first glimpse it will immediately transport you one hundred years into the past, to what was known back then as Austro-Hungary.

The Austrian 100 Gold Coronas contain a 0.9802 ounces of gold with the total weight equalling 1.08 ounces. It has a fineness of 900.0/1000. Although the Austrian Gold Coronas are not made out of pure gold, the addition of other metals ensures durability against scratches and wear. Being only 0.02 ounce short of a full 1 oz, the Austrian 100 Gold Corona still makes for a great gold investment.

Austrian Gold Coronas are also being minted with a face value of 10 and 20 coronas. They respectively have 1/10 and ⅕ of the Austrian 100 Gold Corona’s gold content.


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