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Gold Eagles are a US set of gold coins minted in five versions: Gold Double Eagle with a $20 denomination, Eagle with a $10 denomination, Half Eagle with a $5 denomination and Quarter Eagle with a $2.50 denomination.

The denominations of the Eagle coins are not coincidental. The $20 on the Gold Double Eagle refer to the price of its gold content in 1849, the year the first Double Eagles were minted. That year the price of gold equalled $20.47 per ounce, while Double Eagle’s gold content is 0.9675 oz of gold. The dollar was something quite different back then, wasn’t it?

Up until 1933, gold was an essential American precious metal. It embodied the spirit of American exceptionalism and fit into the romantic tales of the Alaskan heroes traversing rivers in search for nuggets. During the Great Depression, the government ordered all gold assets to be returned to the state. They were later melted and turned into gold bars. The Liberty Gold Eagles that survived and were illegally kept are still in circulation today. Although the ban on private gold bullion ownership was lifted in 1984, the Liberty Gold Eagles were only reminted in 2009 as 115,178 pieces. The relatively small number of these coins determines the higher-than-usual prices and the fact that they are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Double Gold Eagles have a diameter of 27 mm and a thickness of 4 mm, which is almost twice as much as the usual depth of gold bullion circulating around 2 – 2.5 mm.

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