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Named after the Viennese Philharmonic, the Philharmoniker is currently one of the most popular bullion coins. This applies to both its gold and silver version. Annual demand for the 1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic reaches several hundred thousands every year since 1989, the year when it was first minted. The gold version is available in ¼ oz,1/10 oz and 1 oz. The silver Philharmoniker is only minted as a 1 oz coin.

The 1 oz Philharmoniker is made entirely out of 24-carat gold. It weighs 31.03 grams and has a fineness of 999.9/1000. That means it is immune to changes in color and corrosion unlike other bullion coins made out of an alloy of gold with a cheaper metal, such as the Krugerrand or Sovereign, which are made by adding copper. Pure gold content, however, has its flaws as well. Being a soft metal, gold is susceptible to scratchings and other damages. Make sure to store your Philharmonikers in a safe container so that they retain their value and beauty over the years! A 1 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic has a diameter of 37 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. The obverse shows the pipe organ in Vienna Musikverein Golden Hall and the reverse depicts typical orchestra instruments – a harp, violins, a cello, bassoon and a Vienna horn.

The Austrian Mint released special limited editions of the Gold Philharmonic to celebrate the 20th and 25th anniversaries of release. These were the 20 oz Gold Philharmonic and 1/25 oz Gold Philharmonic. Both coins were considered more as a collection piece than bullion, but the production of the 1/25 oz coin still continued in 2015, with the demand reaching several thousand pieces. There was also a special 1000 oz Gold Philharmonic released to celebrate the 15th anniversary. It was called “Big Phil” and was made using 31.103 kg of gold.


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