How to sell gold online? Is it safe?

Gold is something constant. It remained a valuable metal throughout several millennia and is still very much in demand. With so many changes going on in the world, not only when it comes to currencies dropping and rising, gold remained a stable and reliable vehicle for wealth ownership.

With the rise of the Internet, you no longer have to go to your local dealer to either buy or sell your gold. You can do it without leaving your home. However, many voices claim that with online purchasing we trade safety for convenience. With gold deals, which often reach thousands of dollars, this is a very legitimate concern. Even though it’s ‘online’, it will usually involve sending gold via mail, which is also a crucial talking point.

As an online gold dealership, we are committed to ensuring a 100% safe and reliable transaction environment. That’s why we would like to share this article with you. We are hoping it will disperse your doubts towards selling gold online.


Do your research

Before choosing an online dealership to sell your gold to, do some extensive research on them. What are their customers saying about them? What are their policies, especially the ones concerning returns? Do they seem passionate about what they do?

Keep in mind that you’re about to send them a small piece of metal that may be worth thousands of dollars and it actually costs nothing (maybe apart from your time) to prepare for it and pick the best option!

Another important thing is selling to a private person. Make sure to always check their credentials and dig up anything you can out of Google. It might seem stalker-ish, but trust us, it’s better to make yourself feel a bit creepy than land a faulty deal. If any aspect of your potential buyer seems shady or off, back away from the deal. There’s no rush with selling gold and it’s definitely not worth you losing your nerves.

Whenever possible, try to arrange a real-time meeting in a public space, like a restaurant or a park, where you will exchange the goods.

Don’t skimp on safety

We’ll say that once again – you’re planning to send thousands of dollars worth of gold. Let that sink in. That little bar or a bunch of coins is your new car, a college fund for your kid, an all-inclusive tropical vacations you deserve or literally anything else you might need. So honestly, don’t skimp a couple dozens of dollars to make sure your delivery is handled as safely as possible.

For our US clients, we would like to recommend Registered Mail, a special USPS service, which is frequently used to transport classified official documents and diamonds. Registered Mail uses end-to-end security, each mailman signs off documenting the transfer of the parcel. Transportation is done using sealed containers. Should a parcel go missing or get damaged, a whole chain of people who handled it is going to be interrogated.

There’s a lot of security and paperwork with Registered Mail. This is why it’s costly and slower than usual postal service. It is, however, the safest way to ship gold in the US.

cyber securityPrepare your parcel

Even if you opt for Registered Mail or its equivalent in a different country, it is still necessary to make sure your postage is as secure as possible.

    Make it look inconspicuous

Even with the safest shipping options the risk of theft is always present, so it’s a good practice to ‘mask’ your parcel and make it look like it doesn’t contain gold. Put some crumbled up newspapers between separate coins or bars. Try to put each of the pieces in a separate wrapping of tape them to a cardboard so that they don’t clang.

The point of this is to make your parcel look as if it doesn’t contain gold and thus will not garner attention of a potential thief.

    Strengthen the corners

Gold is quite heavy and can easily tear through an envelope or a paper box. Make sure you strengthen the paper by taping the corners.


When it comes to shipping your gold, you need to pick an option that offers insurance that will cover any losses or damage inflicted upon your gold.

Selling gold online can be anxiety-inducing. We know that perfectly! However, we hope that these pieces of advice will make it easier for you to make the right choice and sell your gold at profit. Remember that safety is your responsibility and it largely depends on how prepared you are!

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