Sales process

Do you want to sell gold or silver coils or jewelry? You can check the current purchase prices by clicking on ‘purchase prices’

Order your free secure pack

We offer clients our services by mail. To do this, order a free secure pack or pack the items yourself and send them to our address (in that case, please also print and fill out the application available on our website).

Please send to the following address:


Oceanic World Air LLC
2511 Pine Oak Trail
Sanford, FL 32773

Please remember to include your address details and phone number.

We would like to remind you that jewels and other non-metallic elements must be removed from the jewelry, or these elements will be removed by our employees.

After we receive the package, we will contact you to confirm our offer and then immediately send a check to your address.

From sending your items to receiving your check, the whole procedure usually takes just a few business days.

We’ll send a free secure pack to your address, free of charge. Simply fill out the form