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Over here at Spot4Coins we buy every types of bullion – all of them are beautiful and valuable to us! We always pay the spot price, which is the actual value of precious metals you sell – no extra fees or costs, you get 100% cash for your gold, silver, platinum or other precious metal.

Let’s talk gold and silver bars. It’s the type of bullion that has a really high precious metal content and thus a single bar can make you much more money than coins or jewelry. The name ‘bar’ refers to the shape gold or silver are casted in – it looks literally like a chocolate bar, usually it’s a bit similar to a KitKat. Make sure not to bite it though!

sell Gold bar 50 gramMost popular gold bar brands

PAMP Suisse – This Swiss manufacturer is one of the most renowned and well-known gold bullion producer. PAMP Suisse started producing gold bullion in 1970s aiming to meet the increasing demand for privately owned precious metals. The fineness of their gold bars is 999.9/1000. Their weight ranges from one gram up to a kilogram. PAMP Suisse’s gold bars are known for their Fortuna design. Surely a great addition to your gold collection, not only, because of its pureness, but also beauty!

Credit Suisse – Another Swiss company, Credit Suisse is backed by Switzerland’s national bank. Their most widely bought products are one and 10 troy ounce gold bars with pureness of 999.9/1000 as well as one, two, five and 20 gram bars. Credit Suisse is one of those banks that are immediately related with the myth of Swiss gold.

OPM – OPM stands for Ohio Precious Metals. They are the biggest US supplier of gold bars. They are popular, because of a relatively lower price per ounce than producers such as PAMP or Credit Suisse. OPM’s products range from one oz to one kilogram gold bars.

RCM – Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the most futuristic and beautiful gold bullion out there. Their one oz gold bar features several intricate state-of-the-art security measures.

Valcambi Suisse Gold Bars – Valcambi Suisse are most well known for their innovative take on the idea of the gold bar. Their 50 oz bar can be divided into 50 small one oz pieces making it much more convenient to not only store gold, but also to trade or purchase with it.

APMEX Gold Bars – APMEX is a unique company in a sense that they are both a producer and a retailer of gold bullion. That means they are everywhere – from coin shops to online stores. This dualistic approach allowed them to make more per ounce than companies like Credit Suisse or PAMP.

sell Gold bar 1 ozSome advice on storing your gold and silver bars

Gold and silver bars are expensive and can often constitute a large chunk of your net worth. They might be a means for saving for the future, sending your kids to the university or buying a new car. The last thing you want to do is to find out your precious metals had been stolen. Here are some pieces of useful advice from Spot4Coins to you. Keep them in mind when starting your collection!


Have someone you trust

Life changes quickly, sometimes for better, but sometimes also, unfortunately, for worse. We assume you keep your gold or silver bars hidden away in a safe or other safe spot. However, if anything happens to you, you fall ill, or, God forbid, die, your gold might be lost along with all the plans you wanted to spend it on. That’s why you should have a trusted person who knows where your bars are located, how much are they worth and how to access them. Don’t pick this person recklessly – it should be someone you’d trust your life to!


Don’t spread the news

A piece of information such as “X has got plenty of gold in his house” can spread like wildfire. And you won’t be able to control whose ears it falls on. You should be wary of speaking about your gold collections, perhaps only to your partner or the trusted person. The reason for it is that it can easily attract people who might want to steal your bars. Keep it on the low.


It’s more than a safe

A safe is a good option, but a determined thief can either crack the code or make you give up the combination. That’s why you should employ some simple DIY theft protection:

  1. Decoys – Burglars will probably be content with coins that look gold, but are actually gold-plated. That’s of course, until they find out, which will be too late for them! Having some decoys laying around can help you save your actual bars, should such an unpleasant situation happen.
  2. Hide them deep – Burglaries need to be quick to be successful. Thieves don’t have time to dig deep into your wardrobes to find a your bars. They will be able to find your gold even in your oldest, most hidden wardrobe if it is not covered with at least three layers of useless junk.
  3. Bury it – You can also dig a hole in your backyard, bury your gold and plant some flowers. Make sure to use a corrosion, insects and humidity-proof box!

sell Gold bar 100 gramWhere and how to sell a gold or silver bar? Put your trust in us

Spot4Coins is on the market for 10 years. We quickly built our reputation as a reliable gold and precious metals dealer. What’s most important for you is the fact that we cut out all the middlemen. That means you start and finish the transaction directly with us.

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