The most cash

Do you want to sell gold or silver coils or jewelry? Use the calculator to find out how much we’ll pay for it. You can check the current purchase prices by clicking on ‘purchase prices’

How to get the most cash ?

1.  Just ask any jeweler to tell you exactly you have (weight and fineness) and what amount they would offer you.

2.  Then, using our calculator, check how much we can offer you.

3. If you have questions, please call 888-209-1100 and we’ll help you through the transaction.

4. Order your FREE SECURE PACK.

Our prices per gram of gold are listed on the website and are subject to change in accordance with the market price and the dollar exchange rate.

The price is calculated on the day the item is delivered to us.

We always call to present our offer. If you accept, we send you a check; if you decline, we send you your gold back at our own expense.

We’ll send a free secure pack to your address, free of charge. Simply fill out the form